Clate Mask
CEO & Co-Founder, Keap
Kimberly Mays
Founder, Foolishly Creative
Kimberly Mays is a marketer and web developer who helps coaches and speakers elevate their online presence through digital marketing, web design, and branding, so that they can be free to operate in their zone of genius and bring their gifts to the world. As the founder of Foolishly Creative, Kimberly has over 10 years of marketing and web development experience. After working for both small and large organizations throughout her career, Kimberly decided to use her talents to help small businesses grow and shine online. Her mission is to support those who have a vision and are brave enough to take a 'foolish' leap of faith. Kimberly enjoys anime, video games, and traveling to new places. Kimberly is available for web development, marketing and systems setup, as well as private consultations to run your business. You can reach Kimberly at
Crystelle Topatan
Founder & Managing Director, Launch Business Automation
Discover how to take prospects on a journey from not knowing who you are, to being raving fans spreading the word; using world class automation every step of the way.
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