Tish Hicks, Founder and Master Sensei, The V.O. Dojo, TheVODojo.com

Tish Hicks helps people from all different backgrounds around the world unleash the power of their voice and build sustainable, successful voiceover careers.  She is the Founder and Master Sensei of The V.O. Dojo, a full voiceover training center in L.A. as well as online programs for every level and genre. A highly successful L.A. voiceover artist for over 20 years, she is as smart, down-to-earth and nurturing as her signature voice, which was the voice of Citibank for six years. Tish’s background as an actress, singer, kickboxer, shamanʼs apprentice, and her years in the V.O. trenches combine to create a “fierce kindness” — a blending of real-world experience, spiritual truth, and a deeply wacky sense of humor — as she shares her love of the art form and business of voiceover.

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