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Title: How To Never Lose A Customer…Ever! The Art Of Connection Management

Speaker: Randy Garn

Title: Opening KeynoteConnection Management

Speaker: Clate Mask

Title: How To Nail Your Funnel Strategy

Speaker: Tyler Garns

Title:  Master Infusionsoft In 10 Minutes A Day

Speaker: Tyler Garns

Title: From Lead to Long Term Customer

Speaker: Ryan Chapman

Title: Basic to Baller: Building Blocks to Level Up Your Campaigns

Speaker: Greg Jenkins

Title: Learn How To Sell To Serve

Speaker: Jermiah Sarkett

Title: Increasing Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) through Customer Ascension

Speaker: Jeremy Shapiro

Title: Build a Relationship of Trust: How to Pre-Sell Your Services Using Automated Marketing Systems

Speaker: Tate Lounsbery

Title: Grow a Recurring Revenue Stream That’s Unstoppable

Speaker: Jarrod Morris

Title: Quick Wins In An E-Commerce World

Speaker: Marc Summers


Speaker: Wes Schaeffer

Title: Referrals 2.0: Conquering Multi-System Chaos In Today’s Online World

Speaker: Jeff Mask

Title: GET IT DONE: From Procrastination To Creative Genius In 15 Minutes A Day

Speaker: Samantha Bennett

Title: How Tesla Is Changing the Game For How Local Businesses Sell

Speaker: Jordan Hatch

Title: Expert Hotseats

Speaker: Wes Schaeffer, Ryan Chapman, Jordan Hatch

Title: The Breakthrough Mindset – Let Go Of Your Stories

Speaker: Hal Halladay

Title: Advanced Infusionsoft Timing Campaigns

Speaker: Brian Keith

Title: Expert Panel

Hosted By: Oli Bilson, Hal Halladay, Ron Dunford, & Brett Gililland

Title: Forget Analytics, Forget Tracking – What You SHOULD Be Doing To Get Over 17% Conversion Off Your Opt-In

Speaker: Ian Thompson

Title: It’s All in the Presentation! How to Create and Deliver a Presentation that Drives Action!

Speaker: Chad Kerby

Title: The Sale After the Sale (More Than Just Upselling, Too!)

Speaker: Brodie Tyler

Title: The Automation Obsession: How the constant push to automate is alienating your customers and leaving cash on the table

Speaker: Mark McManus

Title: How To Sell High Ticket Services With LinkedIn

Speaker: John Bellamy

Title: Infusionsoft Product Update

Speaker: Infusionsoft Product Team

Title: Sponsored Lunch – Elite Entrepreneurs

Speaker: Brett Gilliland

Title: 3 Counterintuitive Ways to Use Marketing Automation That Don’t Involve Marketing or Automation

Speaker: Brad Martineau

Title: Removing Friction From Your Sales, Marketing, And Fulfillment Processes

Speaker: Troy Broussard

Title: Dashboarding ..Setting it up in Infusionsoft

Speaker: Craig Jacobsen

Title: Developing The Perfect Message To Increase Your Reach, Engagement, and Retention

Speaker: John Vachalek (Va Hall’ ick)

Title: Ultimate Marketer Contest Case Study Presentations

Title: Expert Panel: How To Run And Scale A Business FAST!

Title: Launched: The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get Your Ideas Implemented (Hint: It doesn’t have anything to do with Infusionsoft) – Breakfast included from Sixth Division

Speaker: Brad Martineau

Title: Four Day Evergreen Cash Machine – How to Turn Leads Into Customers

Speaker: Dave Lee

Title: Double Your Business Without Doubling Your Team and Expenses – Leverage Partners to Scale Your Business!

Speaker: Cindy Eagar

Title: SEO For Infusionsoft Users

Speaker: Tim Vertz

Title: Why People Quit Your Membership Program & What You Can Do About It

Speaker: Scott Whitaker

Title: Formulaic Copy – The Easy (and Fun) Way to Write Incredibly Effective Content

Speaker: Stephanie Fleming

Title: How to Create a Funnel For High Ticket Sales in Infusionsoft

Speaker: Ross Walker

Title: Maximize Your Business’s Leverage Using Membership Sites

Speaker: Micah Mitchell

Title: So You Wanna Be An Influencer? How to Find Identify Influencers In Your Niche, Work With Them and Become One Yourself

Speaker: Sarah Laws

Title: The Secret to Building a Highly Profitable Funnel

Speaker: Daniel Bussius

Title: Making Your Customer The Hero Of The Story: How To Effectively Flip The Script In Your Marketing Using Storybrand

Speaker: Francis Jones

Title: Three Tactics to Time Warp Into The Future of Customer Retention

Speaker: Kyle Leavitt

Title: Sponsored Lunch – Nexus Merchants

Speaker: Marc Summers

Title: Attention is 2018’s Biggest Battle – What To Do To ​Engage​ Prospects​ and ​K​eep ​C​ustomers – Automatically

Speaker: Kenda Macdonald

Title: 3 Simple Ways to Eliminate the Unnecessary Pain And Expense of Bad Hiring

Speaker: Brett Gilliland

Title: Transform Your Business by Unleashing ‘Technical Imagination’

Speaker: Corey Thomas

Title: 7 Secrets to Creating Your Lead Magnet

Speaker: Jillian Kendrick

Title: A New Era Of Marketing: What To Do When Everything That Used To Be True Is Now False

Description: Marketing is evolving FAST! The tactics that used to work well now only waste your money. During this presentation you’ll learn about the next era of marketing for small businesses, the tools you’ll need, the skills you’ll need to develop, and how you can take advantage of this opportunity.

Speaker: Tyler Garns

Title: What’s Next For Infusionsoft by Keap?

Description: Join Keap CEO Clate Mask as he reveals exciting new features and usability improvements coming to Infusionsoft this year. He’ll also share more on the company’s vision to provide one easy and powerful platform to grow with and a family of products that can serve

Speaker: Clate Mask

Title: Online Advertising With Google

Speaker: Eric Geibel

Title: Blending Power & Ease

Description: Join Keap Co-founder Scott Martineau as he reveals exciting new innovations coming to the Keap family of products this year. Come see what it looks like when power and ease come together to make the benefits of automation accessible to millions of more small businesses.

Speaker: Scott Martineau

Title: 6 Marketing Systems Every Successful Business Needs (The are what separate rapid-growth $10M+ businesses from the rest)

Description: When you’re starting out, you struggle to run Marketing. As you grow, you bring on contractors to help. But how do you actually build and grow true marketing expertise and a rocking team in your business? Come learn from someone who has done it. Former VP of Marketing at Infusionsoft, and current CEO of Box Out Marketing, Tyler Garns, will share the systems he’s learned and developed in over a decade of leading marketing teams.

Speaker: Tyler Garns

Title: From Consultant to Agency Owner: Duplicate yourself to turbo charge your service business growth & profits

Description: From Consultant to Agency Owner: Duplicate yourself to turbo charge your service business growth & profits

Build your service business, team and profits by working smarter, leveraging technology and duplicating your efforts with 5 key steps.

Crystelle built Launch Business Automation because she didn’t want to say no to the massive demand in the marketing and sales automation space, and grew the business with 100% revenue growth year on year for the first 4 years.

Learn the 5 key areas to focus on to turbo charge your agency/business growth:

  1. Duplicating yourself
  2. Powerful Partnerships
  3. Building the automation machine behind the scenes
  4. Industry collaboration
  5. Systems & Processes

One of the many clients Launch & Crystelle have worked with recently… they built up a client business from idea to winning Small Business Start-up of the Year (2019) with Optus Small Business Awards in 2018, turning over revenue of $800K in their first year just within Australian market.

This could be you too when you join Crystelle in her session.

Speaker: Crystelle Topatan

Title: Automatic not Automated Part I: Why Your Current Definition of Automation is Hindering Your Success with Infusionsoft

Description: In part one of this 2-part series, SixthDivision CEO Brad Martineau will transform the way you think about automation and Infusionsoft to enable you to see what’s actually possible in your business when you “do” marketing automation and Infusionsoft right.

Brad and his team know what “automation done right” looks like because they’ve helped literally thousands of 6,7, and 8 figure businesses use Infusionsoft better and to realize the promise of automation in their business: more sales, better organization, and calm, predictable businesses.

Come learn what doing Infusionsoft “right” would look like in your business and discover The Four Forces of Automation ™ that SixthDivision uses to assess and plan marketing automation projects for clients.

You will leave Brad’s session energized, empowered, and confident about what is possible in your business with Infusionsoft having learned a simple framework to tell you what you should do next.

Part II of this talk at 7am breakfast on Day Two will pick up where Brad leaves off to dive deep into exactly “how” you can execute your marketing automation projects faster and with less headache by building the most important muscle you’re missing in your business.

Speaker: Brad Martineau

Title: Facebook Messenger Bots (ManyChat) + Zapier + Infusionsoft = Relationship building on steroids

Description: In this session Sarah will share how she uses the Facebook Messenger Bot – ManyChat – to start and nurture relationships ( … and sell) in addition to communications via Infusionsoft. 1.3 billion people use Facebook Messenger and to be able to let your clients initiate a dialogue with you on a platform they like and use is a game changer. It does not matter if you are a B2B or a B2B it all starts with H2H. And if you are using Facebook Ads, Facebook Posts, Facebook LIVE using the bot to help you take care of the call to action you will be blown away when you look at the open rates and click rates. Sarah will share templated workflows in ManyChat as well as Infusionsoft templated campaigns as well as step by step instructions on how to set up Zapier to integrate ManyChat with Infusionsoft with the attendees of the session.

Speaker: Sarah Watz

Title: 5 Principles of Creating an Unforgettable Customer Experience

Description: Do you remember the last time you had an unforgettable customer experience? Although many business owners seek that experience for their customers, it doesn’t always happen. In this session, Jillian will show you how you can create a VIP customer experience in your business.

Speaker: Jillian Kendrick

Title: Sticky Customers: The 4-Step System to Create Higher Paying and Longer Staying Clients

Description: 2014 Small Business ICON Business Of The Year winner, Casey Graham, will share the details of his 4-step system that gets your clients paying more and staying longer. Casey is no stranger to making things work. Years ago his business was $80k in debt and he figure out how to climb from that position to the INC 500 list. He’s grown multiple startups into multi-million dollar companies. He’s a wealth of knowledge, an inspiring leader, and his passion and excitement (and knowledge) will rub off on you when you attend this session.

Speaker: Casey Graham

Title: Email Genius: What 7-Figure Course Creators Know About Selling With Email

Speaker: Tarzan Kay

Title: How to Collect Powerful Testimonials on Autopilot Using Infusionsoft

Description: A powerful and authentic testimonial can turn even your most skeptical visitors into action-takers. It can instantly boost your credibility and tip the scale to convince prospects to subscribe, click, or even buy.

In this session, we’ll pull back the curtain on successful Infusionsoft campaign strategies to generate amazing share-worthy testimonials you can utilize for you ads, salespages and website. Bring your laptop and get ready to put Infusionsoft to work in your business.

Speaker: Brett Farr

Title: How to easily build systems that build your business

Description: You know that systems and automation are the boost your business needs. Come learn how to easily, and quickly, build those systems. Learn which ones to build first and which systems will affect your bottom line revenue.

Speaker: Ross Walker

Title: The Ultimate Marketer Contest Presentations

Description: Three finalists in the Ultimate Marketer contest will present their case studies showing exactly how Infusionsoft has helped them grow their businesses. The audience will vote for the winner who will be crowned the following day. The winner will win $5,000.

Title: Automatic not Automated Part II: The Missing Marketing Automation Muscle You Need to Punch Your Tech Woes in the Face.

Description: In Part II of SixthDivision’s “Automatic not Automated” breakout talks, SixthDivision President Justin MacDonald will pick up where Brad leaves off on Day 1 about “what” to automate, and will help you understand “how” to actually implement your ideas for automation.
And even if you didn’t attend Part I on day one of SuccessCon, this breakfast session will be totally relevant and valuable and seeing Part I is not required to attend.
You see, you come to a conference like SuccessCon to get ideas. And a multitude of ideas you shall get. And in those ideas are ones that will make a meaningful difference in your business.
In fact, business impact can only come from ideas, but not just ideas, only the implemented ideas. Sadly, most, if not all, of your ideas from SuccessCon will not get implemented, and SixthDivision won’t stand for it.
So join Infusionsoft’s Small Business ICON 2017 Finalist, Justin MacDonald for breakfast as he breaks down the 3 laws of building an Automatic Client Journey ™ and identifies the missing muscle in your business to punch your tech woes straight in the face.
You will leave this breakfast breakout nourished, clear, compelled and capable to execute that list of ideas and campaigns you’ve let sit idle for so long.
Since this is a breakfast session, food and seats are limited and doors will be shut, so you’ll want to pre-register and show up 15 minutes early to get your grub and your seat. Text AUTOMATIC to 267-317-3290 to reserve your spot!

Speaker: Justin MacDonald

Title: How ManyChat’s Messenger Marketing Platform Enables Small Businesses to Engage with Customers Across Marketing, Commerce, and Support

Description: Sponsored by ManyChat

Title: Keynote Presentation

Speaker: Marcus Murphy

Title: How YOU Can Succeed by Leveraging Human to Human Connection in Your Marketing

Description: In this keynote, you’ll come away:
– Feeling more empowered & confident to grow your business (with actionable tips)
– Knowing How to leverage TRUST & Social Proof in today’s digital world
– More connected to your “WHY” (and why that even matters)
– Learning why word-of-mouth advertising just got MUCH more powerful (and 10 times more cost-effective)

Speaker: Jeff Mask

Title: Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers — For experts who love what they do but hate the sales part!

Description: SPECIAL GUEST: Lisa Sasevich, Author of The Invisible Close and The Live Sassy Formula

Are you tired of being the best-kept secret in your field? Join Lisa Sasevich and discover how to exponentially grow your sales using Irresistible Offers, get massive results without being salesy and maximize your profits with no marketing budget.

In this action-packed session, you’ll learn:
– Simple, no-cost things you can do to instantly double or triple your sales during live presentations…big or small.
– 3 secrets to designing a truly irresistible offer, versus a bundle of fluff…Yes, they can tell!
– The secret to inspiring someone to act now…without being pushy or salesy!
• And most important, how to share the wealth of your wonderful and unique expertise and receive wealth in return!

It’s a disservice to let interested prospects walk away without securing the benefit of your fabulous products or services. They came to buy from you. Give them what they need to say “YES!”

Speaker: Lisa Sasevich

Title: The Successful CEO’s Secrets – How to Boost Growth AND Reduce Chaos at the Same Time

Description: Join Brett Gilliland, CEO of Elite Entrepreneurs, for lunch to find out how successful CEOs are solving their biggest challenges as they grow their 7-figure businesses. As part of this session, Clate Mask, CEO of Keap, will ask a panel of CEOs to share their growth secrets.

Speaker: Brett Gilliland

Title: Telephone Systems For Your Business (Integrated With Infusionsoft)

Description: Wildix offers an enterprise-level phone system specifically adapted to small business needs. The system is integrated with Infusionsoft and allows to make one-click calls and receive incoming calls without leaving Infusionsoft window. That saves hours of work time to teams who are on the phone all day.

With powerful phone system in place you can make routine call operations 5 times faster, cut phone bills significantly and get delighted clients.

We know how communications can boost businesses performance and help them to grow.

Speaker: Vitaly Bal

Title: Client Satisfaction Through Automated Operational Efficiencies And A Conscious Culture

Description: Dobbin Buck will break down GetUWired’s key ingredients to Operational Efficiency and Cultural Development, which impacts their long term and ever growing new customer base! In this age of business it is no longer difficult to find new customers, the difficulty for the survival of most businesses is now raising the bar on customer satisfaction and referrals while lowering loss through customer churn and dissatisfaction. Efficient employee hiring, training and automated systems designed for accountability can give your team the edge to stay ahead and thrive in todays competitive workplace! GetUWired’s celebrated methodology will be covered in this informative and entertaining peek inside the GetUWired Cabin and their award winning “Cabin Punk” Culture! GetUWired is an INC 5000 Agency that is currently ranked as a Top Company Culture by Entrepreneur Magazine, The 6th Best Place to Work in the State of Georgia by Georgia Trend Magazine, and 6th Best Employer in the United States by Glass Door!

Key takeaways:

GetUWired’s 10 part Hiring Process: A detailed breakdown of the full hiring process that attracts and allows only the best candidates through!
GetUWired’s Top 5 Internal programs for Employee Wellness, Professional Development and Personal Development.
GetUWired’s Client onboarding process that sets the stage for successful and long term relationships with clientele

Speaker: Dobbin Buck

Title: Solve Your Most Pressing Business Challenge

Description: In this session, you will have the chance to be in the hot seat to have a room full of incredible business minds help you solve any challenge you are currently facing in your business. From lead generation issues, staffing issues to scaling and any issues in between, the knowledge in this room will help you push past any challenge and achieve your goals.

Speaker: Sarah Laws

Title: Outside-the Box Alchemy Derived from SuccessCon 2018

Description: Hutch will discuss how incorporating the tools from key sponsors like Memberium, FYF, Appointment Core, PlusThis, and Oli Billison provided immediate results. Also, in between sessions Hutch was also having valuable conversations with fellow attendees and in doing so concocted some unique innovations in how he uses these different tools surrounding Infusionsoft for marketing and fulfillment. Slides and deliverables of Hutch’s outside-the-box alchemy will be provided to attendees.

Speaker: John Hutchinson

Title: How To Create A Predictable Marketing (and Sales) Machine …Powered By LinkedIn!

Description: You’ve probably heard people talking about the power of LinkedIn everywhere – particularly for business owners. And, whilst some a great at tapping into the potential LinkedIn has to offer, most frankly are not.

Fact is, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with more than 562 million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

There are many ways you can use LinkedIn that will drastically increase your visibility and/or your revenue.

On the presentation, I’m going to show you:

How To Write A Lead Generating LinkedIn Profile – One that instantly captures the attention of your prospects!

Revealed: The C4 Method™ An advanced marketing and sales method for selling high-ticket products and services!

Swipe. Copy. Send. Rip off these 4x conversation generating LinkedIn messages …Proven to drive more sales appointments (and profit) – almost instantly!

Speaker: John Bellamy

Title: Tool Time: 3 Tools to Drive 30% More Revenue in 30 Days

Description: Is data moving easily between all of your online tools? Can you quickly identify winning lead sources, funnels, campaigns or sales reps from losing ones? Is your website converting as much of your existing traffic as it should be? If you answered no to any of these questions, come join Jarrod Morris (CEO of LEAP) as he shows off LEAP’s suite of tools that will help you drive immediate results in your business.

Speaker: Jarrod Morris

Title: Tool Time – Customer Delight, Messaging, and Help Desk for Infusionsoft and Keap

Description: Discover how Infusionsoft and Keap users like you are delighting their customers through integrated live chat, SMS text, phone, and email with THE Help Desk and Messaging Platform built for Infusionsoft and Keap. Join Infusionsoft Certified Partner and founder of FuseDesk, Jeremy Shapiro, as he shares actionable strategies for turning Customer Support into a profit center, empowering your Sales Teams to close more deals, and helping your customers and prospects get the support and love they need. BONUS: Tyler and the Box Out Marketing team leveraged FuseDesk to support SuccessCon and learned a TON! Jeremy will be sharing these key lessons learned, strategies, and takeaways from supporting SuccessCon both before and during the event!

Speaker: Jeremy Shapiro

Title: Tool Time: PlusThis – The Keap/Infusionsoft Swiss Army Knife. 54 Tools In One. Including SMS, Facebook Retargeting, Webinars, Expiring Offers, Video Tracking, and More

Description: In this session you’ll learn:
– The top 5 strategies and tactics Keap/Infusionsoft customers use to grow and scale faster than their competitors.
– How to add the missing Keap/Infusionsoft functionality you need most like (SMS, Facebook Retargeting, Webinars, Deadline Funnels, Video Tracking and more).
– How to save time by creating fully automated marketing journeys.

Speaker: Dave Lee

Title: Tool Time: FixYourFunnel in 25 Minutes

Description: Learn what FixYourFunnel can do for your business in 25 minutes. It’s much more than texting, one click up sells or funnel bots.

Speaker: Ryan Chapman

Title: Tool Time: MyVideo.Email – Connect Deeper With Personalized Video (the easy way)

Description: During this session you’ll learn 5 ways you can use MyVideo.Email to create deeper, one-on-one relationships with your prospects and customers.

Speaker: Tyler Garns

Title: Tool Time: Membership Site Strategies, Hacks & Tools

Description: Quickly learn the basic success principles that separate money-losing sites from sites that set people free, then get a few hacks you can implement right away and finally learn about some of the best tools to up-level your membership game.

Speaker: Micah Mitchell

Title: Tool Time: The DIY Membership Site Launch Plan to Save $10k

Description: Join long-time membership site expert and CustomerHub co-founder Kyle Leavitt as he shares his step-by-step membership site launch formula to help you launch fast, mitigate risk, and avoid the secret $10K membership site launch blunder. This session is a can’t miss for membership noobs and veterans alike looking to launch or re-launch a membership offering, and is relevant to users of all membership platforms (CustomerHub, Memberium, Access Ally, Kajabi, etc).

Speaker: Kyle Leavitt

Title: Tool Time: Ecommerce with Keap and Infusionsoft

Description: Are you looking for a better way to sell your products, services and subscriptions online? In this Tool Time session, Jordan Hatch (Owner of Fullstack Marketing) will show you how to leverage the power of WordPress and WooCommerce to make it easier for your customers and clients to buy online. Jordan has decades of experience selling things online and (as always) has a few tricks up his sleeve that he will share with you to increase your sales and create a better buying experience for your customers.

Speaker: Jordan Hatch

Title: Power Talk: Creating a StoryBrand Company One-Liner: Clearly describe your company in just 30 seconds

Description: When you first meet someone and they ask you what you do, you only have about 30 seconds to get their attention and then you’ll lose them. They nod their heads and they smile, but they are really trying to figure out how much longer they have to stand there before they can move on. You know what I’m talking about. But how do you distill all of the value you bring to your clients down to just 30 seconds? In this presentation, using the StoryBrand methodology, I’ll show you how to create a clear description of what you do and it’ll only take you 3 simple sentences. You’ll leave with a one-liner that you and your team will use to make sure you have people asking to learn more every time you introduce your company.

Speaker: Francis Jones

Title: Power Talk: Connect and Convert In Half The Time Using The Power of Progressive Profiling

Description: You know it’s important to create a meaningful connection with your prospects in order to convert them into paying customers but, that takes time. What if there was a way to shorten the time it takes to create rapport with your prospects and then close the sale? There is! During this presentation you’ll learn how to use the art of progressive profiling. You’ll be walked through, step-by-step, on how you can develop a powerful platform that enables your prospects to binge on your content while providing you with the details you need to segment and sell them. You’ll walk away with the know-how to harness the power of progressive profiling in your marketing plan.

Speaker: Daniel Bussius

Title: Power Talk: The Secrets of Highly Creative People: An Unusual Guide to Extraordinary Success

Description: Highly Creative People have a zillion ideas all the time, are easily bored, ignore conventional wisdom and aren’t particularly motivated by money. So how do they manage to achieve such extraordinary success? Learn how idiosyncratic thinkers stay prolific and profitable.

Speaker: Samatha Bennett

Title: Power Talk: Boost Your Referrals By Leveraging Partnerships

Description: Everyone loves referrals, but most people don’t know what to do to get more of them. What if you had a proven system that would 10x your referrals? Join us in this session and you’ll learn how you can leverage referral partnerships to boost your referred leads and get more customers. Cindy will share with you a partnership system that will:
– Find the right partners who will introduce your business to a pool of your target customers
– Get your partners to consistently refer you warm leads
– Avoid the mistakes that will make your partnership fizzle

Speaker: Cindy Eagar

Title: Ultimate Marketer Winner Announcement

Title: “TRUST ME!” Spend Less Time & Get MORE Clients by Boosting TRUST & Social Proof

Description: Join Jeff for this exclusive breakfast session to learn:
How to increase your annual revenues by 9% with ONE simple (and cost-effective) strategy
How to confidently reach & engage with customers in a digital world
How to turn your customers into your marketers (with ZERO expense)
How to save 40 hours/mo. in your local marketing efforts

Speaker: Jeff Mask

Title: How to Double Referrals in 12 Months or Less

Description: Shaun’s session will address relationship marketing and how we’ve shifted to a relationship economy from a consumer economy. Where formerly price and savings drove customer decisions, now we are back to business at its most basic form — it’s a prospect-centric sales process where customer experience and success rules.

Speaker: Shaun Buck

Title: The Contrarian Marketing Message Structure Which Consistently Produces Double-Digit Sales Conversions

Description: The most effective marketing campaigns have one thing in common: they turn your prospect’s desire for a result into buying demand for your product or service. And they do it without being salesy, aggressive, or obnoxious. In this presentation, you’ll discover the core secret behind engineering this type of powerhouse marketing campaign — without any hardcore selling or bogus scarcity or hyped-up, exaggerated claims. Instead, watch as this unique education-based marketing message structure creates raving fan, ravenous buyers for you every day.

Speaker: Todd Brown

Title: The Art and Science of Persuasion Selling

Description: NLP, or neurolinguistic programming is not only used by the top stage trainers, multiple seven figure marketers, and top producing sales people in the world, it is also used by organizations such as Homeland Security, and executive coaching. Susan Sly has built sales organizations that have generated over $1.6 billion. She is certified in NLP, a best selling author, speaker, and tech investor. In this session, Susan will teach you the Perfect Presentation Formula, derived from NLP. You will leave with an actionable plan to increase your sales, improve your copy, and even your pitch deck for perspective clients.

Speaker: Susan Sly

Title: Get ‘R’ Done – Top 5 Winning Strategies for Memberships and Courses by Memberium & CustomerHub

Description: Your content is extremely valuable and you deserve to get the maximum benefits from your membership site so…

Join us for a live interactive strategy session where we’ll break down and discuss real-life membership site success stories from other Infusionsoft users like you.

You’ll walk away with a refreshing new plan to build a better membership site or course that makes you happier.

Speaker: Micah Mitchell, Kyle Leavitt

Title: Get ‘R’ Done Workshop – What The Top 1% Of Agencies Are Doing To Scale In 2019 by Digital Marketer

Description: This workshop will be different than most workshops because you will be hearing from some of the most successful agency owners in the DM community (Frank Cowell – Digitopia, Billy Gene Shaw, and one more TBD). Attendees will walk away with new growth levers and a new customer value journey and growth plan for their agency.

Speaker: Marcus Murphy

Title: Get ‘R’ Done Workshop – Build Your Customer Journey In the Campaign Builder with Monkeypod Marketing

Description: At the end of the day the role that automation plays for a business can be boiled down to supporting and enhancing your customer’s journey. This technical workshop will be focused on reviewing your existing customer journey, identifying gaps, and areas for improvement, designing campaigns, and then building them with Infusionsoft’s campaign builder to create a cohesive, repeatable customer experience. Come to this workshop at the end of the conference to actually IMPLEMENT all the cool ideas you learn. You’ll be taught and guided by experts from the Monkeypod team.

Speaker: Greg Jenkins

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